Multi-Media Class

HMS Activities

To most people, being a content creator or a blogger is not a job. In the Digital Media class know this is false, our passion is creating blogs, short films, and podcasts. The class is fun and energetic, and the teacher (Mr. Owens) is very serious but amazing to work with. He does let phones out on official business but does crack down on those who are using the school tablets wrong. The class is hosted in room 307 one of the largest CLASSROOMS.

Interview with the Teacher

Now let’s interview Mr. Owens.

  • Q: What do you like about this class?
  • “I like the projects and student creativity”
  • Q: How did you get into teaching?
  • “After I finished my bachelor’s I decided I liked teaching”
  • Q: Why is this the class you chose to teach?
  • “Originally I was an English teacher and I decided to do CTE”
  • Q: Who is…

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The Library

HMS Activities

The HMS Library is a fun place to go!

It has over 12000 books! This is a major site for Horror, Humor, LGBTQ+, Manga, Novels, Nonfiction, and biographies. It is home to many clubs! The sign language club, or the Makerspace club. This library is very interesting because it connects high school AND middle school. This is one of the few buildings that do so! This is also where the speech class is held, I have gone there and the teachers are nice! They sometimes let you pick out a squish toy to calm yourself. There is a computer help desk nearby if you need help with the (pretty bad) school computers!


Today we interview the librarian.

Q1: What is your favorite book?

A: 1:The Timmy failure series 2: Coraline 3: Lunar Chronicles 4: Front Desk 5: El deaf 6: mystery benedict society

Q2: What is one thing…

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Tutoring in a Pinch!

HMS Activities

Tutoring is in room M501! Today I will see how good the tutors and environment are!

My Experience

The tutor was very good! I got the help I needed and was able to retake a test! If you are ever in a pinch, you SHOULD go to room 501 for assistance on a test, homework assignment, or quiz!

The environment was great as well, not many people were talking, and the cult of Bob stayed in the corner. While the teacher was busy, when she got the time to talk, she was very helpful and nice!

The people were kind and helpful, with joyful attitudes! I recently found out that I am a really amazing yardstick fighter. No one there could compete.


If you’re in a pinch come to M501 to get help on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Also, remember we have other blog posts. You should check them out!

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What do Students think of Hercules Middle School?

HMS Student Life

I decided to leave my chair and start talking to people. Today I interviewed random classmates in my class on what they think of this school. I asked people what their opinions were about this school.

The first person I interviewed was Luca Pagni. He is an eighth grader at Hercules Middle school. It seemed that he did not like the new teachers as lots of the teachers quit and now there is a teacher shortage, I experienced this last year as one of my teachers was just a substitute that turned into a permanent teacher. Luca said that lunch is cool because he does not have to do work, eat food and hang out with his friends. Luca enjoys his elective (Film And Multimedia).

The next person I interviewed was Jalen Davis. Jalen is an eighth Jalen thought that the school is good but he does not like the…

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Thanksgiving Break

HMS Activities

Have you ever wondered why we have Thanksgiving Break? Since Thanksgiving break is next week (As of today 11/15/22) and we have a week off, let us talk about it! Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated all over the United States. We celebrate it because of a harvest feast shared by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag people.

Most schools in the United States and Canada only have two days off but at Hercules Middle School, we have the whole week off! Typically, in the U.S. people celebrate thanksgiving by having a big feast with family. During the feast, the main dish would be the turkey. The turkey wasn’t really eaten during the first Thanksgiving feast but people started eating it because it was abundant in the U.S. when the British came.

I interviewed a student from Hercules Middle School by the name of Jalen. He said he will be spending time…

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HMS Dream Job

HMS Student Life

In this blog post, we will ask HMS students about their dream Job. The first student we will be interviewing is Maria. Her dream job is to be a veterinarian. That’s cool!

The second person we will be interviewing is Luca. He said that his dream job was to work at Nintendo. That’s an interesting choice!

The third person we will be interviewing is Chase. His dream job is to be an engineer. That is a good choice.

The last person we will be interviewing is Jared. He said that his dream job was to be a dentist. That’s nice.

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UFC 273 Alexander Volkanovski vs The Korean Zombie

In this blog, I’ll be writing about UFC 273 which is headlined by Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski and the number 4 ranked FW contender The Korean Zombie(Chan Sung Jung). The co-main is Bantamweight Champion Aljamain Sterling vs Interim Bantamweight Champion Petr Yan. There is also another exciting bout with number 2 ranked Welterweight Gilbert Burns and number 11 ranked welterweight Khamzat Chimaev.

Gilbert Burns vs Khamzat Chimaev

Gilbert Burns is coming off of a dominant win against Stephen Thompson and Khamzat Chimaev is undefeated with a 10-0 record which is all finishes. Both guys are amazing wrestlers but I’d say Burns is the better striker. I don’t know who will win this fight, Khamzat has been ragdolling people like they took his lunch money and Burns has been up against tough fighters and won most of them with his last loss being against the arguably greatest welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. I expect this fight to remain on the ground and probably be a quick finish from either one of these guys, but I’m not sure if Khamzat will be able to control a good wrestler like Burns. If Khamzat were to win this fight, he could fight the number one contender Colby Covington to earn his shot at the title. If Gilbert Burns wins this fight, he could have another chance at defeating Usman for the title.

Aljamain Sterling vs Petr Yan

These 2 faced off previously at UFC 259 where it ended in a disqualification via grounded knee by Petr Yan. It was controversial because it seemed as Sterling faked it to make it seem much more devastating, but I think any knee from Petr Yan would put a regular person out. Before all of that happened, Petr Yan was dominating, having one knockdown, denying 16 takedowns, and going 7/7 on his own takedowns. They tried to get their rematch on UFC 267 but Aljamain was not cleared to fight due to his neck surgery. These fighters will make adjustments to their fight against each other, especially Sterling. Sterling needs to slow it down, be patient, and get into smart engagements. The adjustment for Yan is to not throw illegal knees.

Alexander Volkanovski vs The Korean Zombie

The Featherweight Champion has an amazing resume, he’s won against Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo, Max Holloway twice, and Brian Ortega. TKZ has also faced great fighters like Aldo, Poirier, Yair Rodriguez, Frankie Edgar, and Brian Ortega, but he only won against Poirier and Edgar. This is most likely TKZ’s last shot at a title and he earned it off of Dan Ige who was ranked 8th at the time. Volkanovski is a skilled wrestler and a skilled striker. TKZ is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a skilled kickboxer. I don’t see a high chance of TKZ winning, I don’t know how he can win against Volkanovski. Volkanovski is on a different level above all of the featherweight division, I think he’ll easily get the Unanimous Decision win or a finish.

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UFC 272 Results

UFC 272 was a great card, although there weren’t many finishes, the fights were still great. I’ll be breaking down the fights of this card in this blog.

Sergey Spivak vs Greg Hardy

In this fight, Greg Hardy was dominated all in the span of one round. He was rag-dolled by Sergeys wrestling and knocked out cold by Sergey Spivak’s ground and pound. Glad to see that, as he does have some issues with beating women. After this fight, Sergey Spivak looks to book a fight against a ranked opponent. For Greg Hardy, he should probably retire.

Kevin Holland vs Alex Oliveira

This fight was Kevin Holland’s UFC welterweight debut against veteran Alex Oliveira. From the start of the fight, Oliveira looked to make Holland not find his rhythm, he landed leg kicks and jabs whenever Kevin Holland went in to attack. But in the second round, Holland made some adjustments and was able to clip Oliveira with a short hook to knock him down. He finished the fight with elbows and ground and pound to successfully make his welterweight debut.

Edson Barboza vs Bryce Mitchell

This was such a dominant performance from Bryce Mitchell. It may have been the worst beating of Edson Barboza’s entire career, Mitchell landed 4/4 takedowns and over 150 strikes while Barboza had less than 30. In the first round, Edson Barboza found early success in leg kicks, but it was overshadowed by Mitchell’s left hand which dropped him. Barboza tried to recover on the feet but Mitchell maintained top control and punished him until the round was over. In the second round, Bryce wasted no time and shot a takedown less than 30 seconds in. There was no significant attempt from Barboza to get up while Bryce had top control and pounced him to open up a cut. In the third round, it went the same way, Bryce beat Edson in his own pool of blood. Bryce Mitchell won the fight via unanimous decision. (30-25, 30,26, and 30-27.)

Rafael dos Anjos vs Renato Moicano

Man, this fight was brutal for Renato Moicano, but he showed that he was a fighter. He took the fight on short notice, and unfortunately also took a beating. Throughout the fight, RDA beat Moicano on the feet and on the ground, RDA rocked him a few times, scored a knockdown, and scored multiple takedowns with a lot of control time. This fight most definitely should’ve been stopped, Moicano looked like a tomato after the 4th round. Moicano is a warrior though, he went on to win the 5th round and force RDA to shoot a takedown because he was dazed. RDA won the fight via unanimous decision. (49-44, 50-44, and 49-45)

Colby Covington vs Jorge Masvidal

This did not go well for Masvidal, he was dominated the entire fight and will probably just fight for money now. Colby suffocated Masvidal for the entire fight while trying to snap his neck the whole time. The amount of volume Colby has with his striking and wrestling is crazy, by the third round, Masvidal was exhausted. Colby constantly pressed Masvidal against the fence and cranked his neck. In the fourth round, Masvidal rocked Colby Covington but couldn’t finish the fight due to exhaustion. according to 2 judges, Jorge didn’t win a single round. Colby Covington won the fight via unanimous decision. (49-46, 50-44, and 50-45)

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UFC 271 Results

In this blog, I’ll be breaking down the 3 fights from UFC 271. Cannonier had a comeback against Derek Brunson, Tai Tuivasa is now the number 3 ranked heavyweight in the world after beating Derrick Lewis, and Israel Adesanya defends his title for the fourth time against Robert Whittaker

Jared Cannonier vs Derek Brunson

In the beginning, it wasn’t going so well for Cannonier. He did defend a couple of takedowns but was taken down 2 times. He also landed a decent amount of clean shots but he got knocked down by Brunson by a right hook and almost choked out. The next round, Derek Brunson looked very fatigued, his movement was now sloppy. It was going well for both of them until Cannonier hit him with an elbow and a backhand which rocked him. Cannonier followed up on his opportunity to finish the fight by taking Brunson down and putting his head into the canvas with a few heavy elbows. This fight has earned Jared Cannonier a chance to take the title away from Israel Adesanya.

Derrick Lewis vs Tai Tuivasa

Unfortunately, this did not go well for Derrick Lewis. In the first round, it went Derrick Lewis’s way, he landed more shots and got a few takedowns. I’m sure everyone is shocked about how Tai Tuivasa took his heavy shots. In the second round, Tai stepped up. Tai Tuivasa worked in the clinch with elbows and landed an elbow hard enough for Derrick Lewis to faceplant onto the canvas. Tai Tuivasa is now the number 3 ranked heavyweight in the world, we’ll see if he can hold up against the top 5 in the future.

Israel Adesanya vs Robert Whittaker 2

This fight was a fight for points, these two were technical and ended up having a very close fight. It started with Adesanya pressuring Whittaker while landing jabs and solid leg kicks. Close to the end of the first round, Adesanya landed a one-two and knocked Robert Whittaker down. He let him up and tried to land more clean shots but it wasn’t enough. By the end of the first round, Robert Whittaker said to his corner that his leg was already chopped up. The second round went well for Rob as he landed a takedown and outstruck Adesanya. For some reason, during the entire fight, Robert Whittaker was very passive. He only threw his jabs and a couple of leg kicks. It was also the same for Israel Adesanya, both were very passive in this fight trying to win by points. That’s how it went for the rest of the fight. Eventually, Israel Adesanya won via Unanimous Decision. Personally, I believe Robert Whittaker possibly won rounds 2, 4, and 5.

Overall, the whole fight card was decent. There were some good finishes, but some very boring decisions. Israel Adesanya plans to fight 2 or 3 more times this year, Robert Whittaker supposedly already has another fight scheduled against Marvin Vettori, Cannonier is next for the Middleweight Championship, and Derek Brunson may retire.

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UFC 274

At UFC 274, Charles Oliveira will be defending his lightweight throne against the number one contender Justin Gaethje. There might be an amazing co-main in Michael Chandler vs Tony Ferguson. It’ll be held in Chares Oliveira’s country, Rio De Janeiro.

Michael Chandler vs Tony Ferguson

Both of these guys are in the later stages of their careers, but they still put on amazing performances. They are both on losing streaks and have taken a lot of damage in those losses. Chandler is on a two-fight losing streak against Lightweight Champion Charles Oliveira, and Justin Gaethje. Tony Ferguson is on a three-fight losing streak against Justin Gaethje, LW Champ Charles Oliviera, and Beneil Dariush. Chandler got knocked out by Oliveira and went to war with Gaethje absorbing over 100 powerful shots. Ferguson was also battered by Gaethje taking more than 100 clean shots. Ever since that fight, Tony wasn’t the same. This fight will be very explosive on the feet and entertaining on the ground as they are both skilled in grappling. We will see if Tony’s chin will be able to stand up for itself against Michael Chandler’s ridiculous power, and we will see if Chandler can defend Tony’s unorthodox style.

Charles Oliveira vs Justin Gaethje

Charles Oliveira will be defending his title for the second time against Justin Gaethje. This will be Oliveira’s 30th fight in the UFC and it will be against one of the most dangerous fighters in the lightweight division right now. Charles Oliveira is basically a snake when it’s on the ground, he’s able to get submissions from any position, it’s the reason he has 20 submissions in the UFC. He also has precise muay Thai striking and will to never give up. In his last fight, he showed his ability to pour the pressure and his submission game, his pressure made Dustin Poirier gassed, and was able to secure a standing rear-naked choke. But he also was rocked plenty of times and is fighting just 5 months apart. We will be able to see if he has recovered enough when he goes up against one of the most powerful hitters in the division. Justin Gaethje has shown his improvement in technical striking, he used to be a brawler until Trevor Whittman picked him up to coach him. In his last fight against Michael Chandler, he was able to keep his composure instead of brawling and opening himself up to get knocked out. He’s made people just go out, most of his punches could probably put a dent in concrete. Justin Gaethje is also an amazing wrestler but I’m not sure if he would want to do that against the most dangerous person on the ground. My pick for this fight will be Charles Oliveira, he just has more ways to win than Justin Gaethje. He could possibly knock Gaethje out or submit him, while Gaethje can only knock him out. Oliveira might get dropped a couple of times, but he can get out of those situations easily.